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A remarkable therapy for grief and loss.

Receive IADC Therapy for grief - online - from anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Healing Grief with IADC Therapy

We provide Induced After Death Communication (IADC) Therapy—a groundbreaking approach to reducing the sadness associated with grief.

Developed by clinical psychologist Dr Allan Botkin, IADC Therapy is derived from EMDR Therapy but with distinct changes to the standard EMDR protocol. It is designed to specifically target sadness, with many clients reporting the perception of a sense of reconnection with the deceased, which can include visual, auditory, or tactile sensations—an after-death communication (ADC).

ADCs are a common, naturally occurring phenomenon that can provide healing and assist in the resolution of unresolved issues relating to a death. Regardless of whether a client experiences an ADC, the primary aim of the therapy is to reduce sadness.

Find out more about IADC Therapy, our current research project in Australia, or complete the pre-screening questionnaire to see if this therapy might be a good fit for you.


Our Therapists

Tom headshot.JPG

Dr Tom Nehmy

Clinical Psychologist &
IADC Therapist

100 Sessions

I have a passion for IADC Therapy and helping reduce the sadness associated with grief and loss. I look forward to meeting you.

How It Works


Complete the Pre-Screening Questionnaire' (2 minutes) to see if this therapy is likely to be a good fit for you.
At the bottom of the pre-screening page, you can book online for a 1-on-1 screening with your IADC Therapist. Choose a time that suits you for a free 25-minute screening call over Zoom. Get to meet your therapist, who will outline the process and answer any questions you have. (We only take clients who are very likely to benefit from the therapy). If you & your therapist agree to proceed, you book in your 2 IADC Therapy appointments.



Pay for your IADC Therapy sessions, then you'll receive the Zoom link and confirmation. Connect at the agreed times for your 2 x 90-minute  appointments from the comfort of your own home via a secure Zoom video connection.
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