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About Us

We are a new, online private practice dedicated to providing IADC Therapy to grieving clients worldwide.

Our mission is to make this ground-breaking therapy accessible to anyone, anywhere, in the comfort of their own home.

Our Principal, Dr Tom Nehmy, is a clinical psychologist based in South Australia. He has co-authored 10 scholarly peer-reviewed scientific papers and received the 2014 Flinders University Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Doctoral Thesis Excellence for his PhD research into the prevention of psychological disorders. He is also author of the book Apples for the Mind: Creating emotional balance, peak performance, and lifelong wellbeing.

Tom’s enthusiasm for IADC therapy has led to the creation of Healing Grief International Pty Ltd,, and Tom’s pursuit of a research project as a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide.

We look forward to expanding our team as demand for this important therapy grows.

Dr Tom Nehmy
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