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IADC Therapy Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Q 1

Has your deceased loved one or pet passed away at least 6-12 months ago?

It is recommended that at least 6-12 months has passed before attempting IADC therapy. IADC therapists are only likely to accept clients after a minimum of 6 months has passed from the loss.


Q 2

In the past 5 years have you experienced thoughts of suicide or self-harm?

IADC therapy requires the client to experience very strong emotions and may not be suitable for those with a recent history of suicidality or self-harm. IADC therapy in an online, brief format is not recommended for individuals with this history.

Q 3

Are you willing and able to experience the full depth of your sadness as part of your IADC therapy sessions?

Clients must be both willing and able to access their sadness fully to receive the benefits of IADC therapy. In order to ‘process’ the sadness with bilateral stimulation (BLS), it must be accessed. Avoiding or suppressing the emotions in therapy will inhibit its effectiveness.

Q 4

Is your grief / sadness the main issue that you require help with?

If your primary presenting issue is from a trauma not related to the loss, or from severe and unmanaged depression, or other psychological problems, it is recommended you seek therapy for these first before receiving IADC therapy. IADC therapy is exclusively for the treatment of sadness associated with grief and bereavement.

Q 5

Are you in agreement with the requirements for IADC therapy?
They include:
  • A free, 25-minute Zoom call with your therapist for screening to confirm your eligibility for treatment.
  • The complete therapy consists of 2 x 90-minute online therapy sessions (conducted via Zoom). The second appointment should be held between 1 and 7 days from the first appointment. 
  • The therapy is $200 USD per hour ($600 total for 2 x 90-minute sessions)
  • If you live in Australia you may be eligible for Medicare rebates, or to participate in our research.
  • You acknowledge that the primary purpose of IADC therapy is to process and reduce sadness, and that an ADC may not occur.
  • You will need a computer with a reasonable webcam and sound, and a good internet connection.

If you have 5 green ticks and would like to proceed, go ahead and book your free 25-minute screening Zoom call by selecting one of the available spots on the booking calendar below.

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